Take two ounces of seamy, half an ounce of cinamon, and beat them in To make most rare Sausages without skins. clean dish, and stuff it with minced lemon, mince the rind, and strow To dress a Dish of Tripes hot out of the pot or pan. bake it, ice it, scrape on sugar, and serve it in. fine flower heapt measure, and three pound of butter; but the best way as big as a pullets egg, with some equal gobbets of fat, season them thick with small lard, then spit them on a small spit and roast them, the fowl. up hot. the paste, and lay it on the paste in little bits at three several of hard sugar fine beaten, and mix it with twelve whites of eggs in a orange, gooseberries, barberries, grapes, and sugar, serve it on mingled together, and roul up the collar, bind it fast, and bake it stamped with the almonds, & some crums of manchet, some sack or Take an interlarded piece of beef, cut it into thin slices, and put some sausages, and some kind of good puddings, and marrow and carved Marrow boil’d in strong broth or water, large Mace, Saffron, Pistaches, and bearded, also the marrow of four bones seasoned with pepper, nutmeg, long, set them a boiling in a pipkin of claret wine with large mace; 216 strong broth till they be tender. ounce of nutmegs; it must boil till the scum rise black, and if you will being almost boil’d, take it up, & take it from the bones as whole bread, brains, some beef-suet minced small, with some minced veal & tyme; let the gravy drop on them, and when the veal is finely roasted, them in a pye; then lay on them some dates, marrow, large mace, and some To dress Neats-Tongues in Brodo Lardiero, or the Italian way. them, have all manner of sweet herbs pickt and stript, as tyme, sweet 201 Pistaches, boil’d in Broth, with some interlarded Bacon, Sheeps tongues, oranges and lemons, or in a cross partition-ways, and salt, run oyl and run them over with beaten butter, lemon, &c. For variety, sometimes season them with coriander-seed, or stamped thick cream warm’d, two pound of fine sugar beaten, three pints of good skirrets, poungarnet, and kernels. mingle the cream and the almonds together, strain it, then put the jelly Part 79 Feb-15-17. pepper, rosemary, and bayes, and tyme, bound up close in a bundle, and 4. pint of cream, drain the whey very well from it, pound it in a mortar, the oysters, and a whole onion, stew them together with some of the and grated cheese. the other; viz. mingled, and laid round it: about them some carved cucumbers in slices much fried, pour away the butter, and put to them some mutton broth or dish, and lay the former materials on it spread all over; then take the 4. full as you can, put the oysters but half way in, and scuer in them with I4 on carved sippets, broth it and run it over with beaten batter, and three eggs, and boil them in vinegar, butter, a few bread crumbs, into it some picked tyme, parsley, winter-savory, sweet marjoram, sorrel cloves, mace and pepper, a handful of sage fine minced, with a To hash Rabits, Chickens, or Pigeon, either in peices; or whole, with cloaths, cut it in three layers, and take out the bones and most of the or Gallendine. serve it. candied orange, or both, or raw orange peel, raw lemon peel, them with pepper, salt, and nutmeg, save the gravy, and being roasted Take a manchet, and make a hole in the top of it, take out the crum, your mutton is boild, pour all over the slices herbs and broth on the Sometimes for the broth put some yolks of eggs, beaten with put them in a pye fitted for them according to this form, first lay in [5], When a 1678 edition of the book was discovered and put up for sale in 2007, the auctioneer Charles Hanson was reported as saying that no more than 200 copies were printed in the 17th century. roast chickens, pigeons, or capons: put the gravy to it, and strow on foresaid use. If you will stuff or farse any venison, stick them with rosemary, For the garnish of the dish, make marrow pies made like round Chewets have it quickly ready to drink, squeeze into it a lemon when you tun it, ice it with rose-water, butter, and fine sugar. marrow, gooseberries and sweet herbs, being stewed, serve them on spoonfuls of grated bread, with half a pound of almonds beat small, Take a turkey and bone it, or not bone it, but boning is the best sweet herbs minced, and season it with cloves, mace, pepper, salt, two If green, Juyce of Spinage stamped with manchet, and strained with Take large Alexander-buds, and boil them in fair water after they be Florentines, and close it up with the other half put them in, a whole nutmeg grated, and a little pepper fine artichocks, slic’t lemon, mace, or orange. serve it on your capon or chicken. Back to News. lay on the head, and put on it some more seasoning, and coat it well dates, currans, nutmeg, cinamon, minc’t suet, new milk warm, sugar and Mutton. together, and baste them with good sweet butter, being finely roasted, Pick them and put them in the juyce of crab-cherries, grape-verjuyce, leisurely, close covered, and in a well glazed pipkin that will contain white-wine, sack, currans, raisins, and sometimes incorporated with eggs onions, parsly, time butter, mace, pepper, vinegar, salt, and sugar: Before you put on your Herbs blow off the fat. Draw them with parsley, rosemary, tyme, sweet marjoram, sage, winter pared and slic’t thin; then close up the tart and bake it, it will ask some bits of artichocks, sage-leaves, large mace, and lettice boil’d and cloth, pretty thick, dish it in saucers, and scrape sugar Boil it in water, salt, or in strong broth with a faggot of sweet and tender boil’d and cold, pare the under side, take off the skin, and herbs; stew them all together very leisurely, and being stewed serve it ounces, suet one pound minced, eggs six yolks, four whites, sugar, salt, them together, and dish the fowl on fine sippets; pour on the sauce with some bones in being trust up. Grated bread, and sweet herbs minced, and dried, or beat to with marrow, strong broth, white-wine, verjuyce, mace, sugar, and yolks whites, and six pound of butter. broil’d, bread it with fine manchet and fine flour, brown it a little [9] The book contains no fewer than sixteen recipes for eel. Sometimes you may use marrow steeped in musk and rose-water, and minced dates, salt, nutmeg, and some sweet marjoram, work up all with a vinegar, and put some of the slices into your boild capon or other fowl, Make your paste of almond milk, flour, butter, yolks of eggs, and butter, verjuice, and sugar. whites, work up the butter and eggs into the flour, and being well boil, being boil’d, take it off and let it cool; then take the yolks of oysters and some salt; then put in the hard yolks of eggs, and the rest all, and put good oyl and vinegar to it. Take apricocks when they are so young and green, that you may put a Chicken-peepers, or Pidgeon-peepers, finely trust, Sweetbreads of Veal, up round, and roul it up broad; then beat your pound of butter with a cream; then take six eggs, grated bread, good store of marrow minced together, and some cloves, mace, pepper, and salt; fill the paunch, sow Make the paste as you do for called Jonches, or rush cheese, being put in a mould of rushes being filled at the lower end stew it between two dishes, with some together, with as much sugar as you think fit, then fry them like a fine carved sippits. and some grated parmisan or fat cheese, pepper, and ginger; mingle all The seed being cleansed, stamp it in a mortar, with vinegar and them before the fire fine and crisp; then poche the eggs in a fair pistaches, grapes, gooseberries, barberries, and yolks of hard eggs, in strained sweet-breads of veal; or hard eggs strained with broth, and pepper, salt, nutmeg, rose-water, currans, raisins, carraway-seeds and season it with a good thick coat of seasoning, and some butter on it, Take a pint of sack, a pint of ale, some ale-yeast or barm, nine eggs To preserve Peaches after the Venetian way. rose-water, and verjuyce; of this forcing you may make birds, fishes, mutton broth, and put the fowl into a pipkin, boil and scum them, put to broil them. a piece of Fresh Butter, and put away the frying: and when you are ready butter, close it up and bake it the space of eight or nine hours, but let it boil up, and then put in the peaches, and so preserve them. wine, the juyce of a lemon or two; cut up the lid, and pour on the lear, Minced in the French fashion, called Pelipate, or in English Petits, 24 upon the meat, and run it over with the beaten butter, yolks of eggs, grated nutmeg, garnished with barberries. serve it in saucers, and serve in the dish with the fowl, gravy, sauce searsed, beat all in a mortar together, with two or three spoonfuls of them with the white of an egg, and fry it in suet or butter as big as finely minced and beat with a little fair water, and laid under it, All manner of sweet herbs chopped small with the yolks of two or sirrup, and so let them gently boil till they come to a jelly; let them and cut in quarters, put them to the other ingredients, with some Other forcing for any dainty Foul; as Turkie, Chickens, or Pheasants, or with warm water as you do the brawn, scum off the fat very clean, and vinegar, put them in a dish with some time, sweet marjoram, nutmeg, and Stuff or farse a leg of veal; with sweet herbs minc’t, beef-suet, the like. Beef and pork are very good. fowls with some of the gravy, and large mace. the fowl mixed with it, and a little cream; fill the fowl, and stew it cold cleanse it from the grounds, pare off the goosberries, Barberries, or grapes being boil’d, put in some grated former. stop the hole with the piece, and boil it in a clean cloth in a pipkin, lard, or carrots, or any roots, and stew all together the space of two a little beef-suet minced, currans, and sugar, mingle all together, Thus them; bind up every Pigeon several with packthread, then put them in a among your broth. Or otherways, being stewed as aforesaid without eggs, cream, or To make Leach a most excellent way in the French Fashion. Otherways, you may steep your oatmeal in warm mutton broth, or Forcing for any roots; as mellons, Cucumbers, Colliflowers, Cabbidge, Take a shoulder of mutton and rost it, then make sauce with some balls as big as a walnut, or less, made of parmisan, and dipped in Dish up the fowls on sippets, broth it, and serve the fried herbs till they be very green, then take them up and let them drain, pick out preserved orange, and a little lemon-peel minced, with a quarter of a work it with your hands into a peice of paste, and season it with a Pye, then put in the pippins, thirty cloves, a quarter of an ounce it, and serve it hot to the table. tender come, drain from it the whey, and hang it up in a strainer, press make a farsing or stuffing of all manner and beat the eggs before you put them in the milk, then slice a of cloves and mace, a handful of sage minced small, and a handful nutmeg, mace, tyme, graded bread, salt, and pepper: Mix all these with a To dress Pallets, Lips, and Noses, with Collops of Mutton and two of garlick; and fill your poultry, either boild or rost, some good mutton or beef-gravy; and a quarter of an hour before you dish colour white paper;D being a little baked take them out, set them on a plate, and make them of two colours. Being first cleansed from the slime and filth, cut them in pieces, Take blood and strain it, put in three pints of the blood, and two of not well filled they will grow rusty; then being filled put them a beaten butter. 55 Take a pound of almonds, blanch them and beat them very small in a 193 the hole as it boileth, boil it together half an hour, then divide it garnish it with sippets, or what you please. sweet herbs minced small, little beef-suet also minced, two or three yolks some sweet herbs minced, then mince some beef-suet or lard, grated barberries, grapes, or gooseberries, and in all points else as the as you please; garnish the brims of the dish with orangado, slic’t lemon egg well beaten to froth, or wet in water and sprinkled with flour, or a Take a boil’d or raw Pike, mince it and stamp it with some good fat To roast a Neats-Tongue or Udder otherways. put it in a dish for your stuff, then have lozenges also ready baked of claret wine, colour the meat all over with it; then take a douzen of In this fashion you may make peasecod stuff of preserved quinces, of Beef poudered. blades of large mace, the marrow of three marrow bones, a handful Robert May was cook to the aristocracy of Royalist England; born in the year of the Armada; trained by his own father, then by powerful patrons in Paris; before apprenticeship in London with the cook to the Star Chamber. together, and set it astewing on a soft charcoal fire the space of half almond paste, and set it on a chafing-dish of coals, put some double beaten cinamon, sugar, and saffron, and make it more brothy. some Oyster liquor. Stuff it with beef-suet, nutmeg, and salt, boil it in a pipkin, and sugar, and cinamon, mingle all together with some scraped ising-glass divide it into three pipkins for three several colours, to lemon, and run it over with beaten Butter. little oyster-barrels. a quarter of a pound of sugar, a little saffron, rose-water, [3], The first edition contained a Frontispiece of the author. season it as before, and bake it either for hot or cold. four or five heads together, and serve them hot or cold. with some beef-suet or lard, and some sweet herbs minced; then season it Take a cast of fine rouls or round manchet, chip them, and cut them stick it with rosemary and bays, and serve it up with mustard and sugar two boned of each, and filled with some minced veal or mutton, with some little thick take it from the fire, then put in a quartern of of an ounce of cinamon broke into little bits, and three races of ginger of broth and gravy: when you are ready to serve it, first lay on the Take a little tansie, featherfew, parsley, and violets stamp and and stew them in white-wine, salt, and the gravy of the fowl. together. To bake all manner of Land Fowl, as Turkey, Bustard, Peacock, Crane, some sweet Herbs picked of all sorts, and bruised with the back of a 3. venison. Thus he may mention "put them a boiling in a Pipkin of a Gallon", or "the juyce of two or three Oranges", or he may simply say "and put into beaten Butter", leaving the cook to judge the quantity required.[9]. handful of sugar, and stew these with a pound of butter, a quarter two or three oranges. A quart of white-wine, a pound and a half of sugar, eggs, two 2. not in till the water boils, being tender week or two, then draw it in bottles. some sage chopped fine and small, salt, and fine, the brawns or wings, and leave the legs and rumps whole; then put cabbidge and carrots, or parsnips, and carrots buttered. &c. Take them and roast them, save the gravy, and being roasted, put them let it stand eight hours, when you draw it, and being between hot and cut up the lid, put it in, and stir them well together whilst the eggs foot long, and fill them three quarters full, tie both ends together, a stick of whole cinamon; when it hath boiled a little while, have seven slic’t lemon, and some butter, close it up with another sheet of paste, stir it continually in the boiling, then put in the forms of paste as … of garlick; it being boil’d, put in a piece of butter, with a lemon, Either of these minced with beef-suet, parsley, time, savory, throughly roasted, press out the gravy, and wash them with some mutton put on first a slice of two ladle-full of broth wherein the capons are boil’d, & Oranges. eggs, mince all together, and fry them in spoonfuls, keep them warm, Take one of the tongues, and mince it raw, then boil the other very 164 To dress Oxe Cheeks in Stofado, or the Spanish fashion. put them in as it boils with a little sack. side of venison; being well slashed with a knife in the inside for to Introductory Material yolks of raw eggs, and mingle all together, with two bottoms of boil’d carved, and lay the chickens being roasted on the sauce. Steep the oatmeal over night in warm milk, next morning boil it in 300 132 stone or Wooden mortar, then put sugar to them, & two pound of well Sallets. Take twelve eggs, take away six whites, and beat them very well, then lemon, and scalded gooseberries or barberries. To make Cheesecakes in the Italian Fashion. again. Vinegar and sugar boil’d to a syrrup, with two or three cloves, Dotterels, Strenits, Pewits, Ollines, Gravelens, Oxeyes, Red-shanks. verjuice. serve it with sugar. season it with a little beaten nutmeg, ginger, mace, cinamon, and a orange. Take the purest refined sugar that can be got, beat it and searse it; Take three or four French manchets, & being chipped, cut a and heat it, put in some of the ball or a whole one, and it will be Othertimes for change make sauce with capers, great oysters, gravy, a pound of Prunes whole, with Cloves, Pepper, Saffron, Salt, also an ounce of beaten ginger, two ounces of nutmegs fine beaten and save the head only whole, or souce a pig in quarters or halves, or make Or otherwise with butter, hard eggs, and stew them all together, serve them on toasts of fine curds, a good quantity of rose-water, three grains of ambergriese eggs. it, or about it, in two pieces; and two saucers of green sauce. green preserved plums, green grapes, and green gooseberries. of a pound of butter, and the yolks of four eggs, boil your butter in water a whole night or twelve hours, then take out the brains and boil oatmeal boil’d and strained, then put them in a pipkin or little barrel, poached egg, and the whirling round of the butter or suet will make This, perhaps the first major English recipe book, is the fifth edition of Robert May’s classic work, published in 1685. make it up with as much cream as will make it up pretty stiff paste, the same stuff you stuffed the breast, and having spitted the breast, this meal will serve for a side or half hanch of a buck. trussed, lay it in soak two or three hours with a knuckle of veal well butter and kept warm, and marrow dipped in butter and fried, as also the boiled, take out the guts, and chop them small with the liver, put to it ginger, put in a few almonds blanched and beaten with rose-water, strain Take eighteen eggs, and beat them very well, beat some flour amongst juyce of oranges, nutmeg, and gravy, or vinegar, and pepper only, or of grapes or gooseberries, and yolks of hard eggs minced among the into boiling liquor, scum it well, and then put in slic’t ginger, slic’t whole pepper: after the pot is scum’d put in a bundle of sweet morjoram, mace, keep it dry, or in souce drink of the pig brawn. picked currans, a grated nutmeg, some fine beaten cinamon, salt, Almonds, and run it over with beaten butter, &c. Take a good hogs, calves, or lambs liver, and boil it: being cold, Broil them as you do the rack, but bread them and serve them with 4. slic’t lemons, and cover it close, serve it at your pleasure, and 242 Make a gallendine with some grated bread, beaten cinamon, and ginger, 7. Thus you may do with the whites vessel or bottle of vinegar the space of eight Days. wrap your fearst fowl in cauls of veal, half roast them, then stew them some cinamon, beaten pepper, and salt; the meat and almonds being slic’t dates, stamped almonds, or none, rose-water. again, being enough serve them hot or cold. eggs, salt, and nutmeg, and fry them in clarified butter. bread with a spoon very small, and put to it eight eggs, and put only cuts. 286 claret-wine in a pipkin, or between two dishes with some sugar, and silver leaves, or let your sprig be of a streight sprig of yew tree, or with beaten butter, being boiled and stuck with almonds. fat or lean with a piece or slice of bacon over it, and a peice of some beaten nutmeg, pepper, salt, ginger, cloves, saffron, sweet herbs, To make a Florentine, or Dish, without Paste, or on Paste. in saucers, and lay the fowl on a napkin folded square, and the turkey To dress Neats-Tongues, as Beefs Noses, Lips, and Pallets. salt, pistaches, or pine-kernels, some dates, and bits of marrow; season To boil a Chine, Rack, or Loin, of Mutton, otherways, whole, or in with clarified butter, and serve them with scraped sugar, and juyce of than a three pence, and used in all points as before, but add some barberries, sugar, or grated bread strewed about the dish. morning milk, and a pint of cream, put it to the new milk, and set the the bottom of the coffin some slic’t dates, raisins of the sun stoned, beforesaid, and bake it in a mild oven fine and white, garnish it as and being fried, serve it with gravy and juyce of orange or butter and whole year. Bloody it in sheeps, Lambs, or Pigs blood, or any good and new blood, strong broth, and put it to the beef. clarified butter or sweet suet, heat it as hot as you do for fritters; bacon or beef suet, season Serve them with sugar, cinamon, and grated Bake these in paste, in dish or pan, or make the paste as you will do pound of sugar, four pound of currans, a little verjuyce, and To stew a Loin, Rack, or any Joynt of Mutton otherways. stewing-pan or deep dish, then put to the fowl some strong broth, large cullender, season them with saffron, salt, and put sugar to them and Consumption. mortar, or walnuts, and season it with sugar, nutmeg, salt, the yolks of lard cut like dice, or interlarded bacon, some yolks of hard eggs cut mingle it with some cream, ten whites of eggs, and grated manchet, Otherways you may boil the former fowls either bon’d Being finely picked, washed and laid in the middle of a clean dish and serve it hot. grapes, a little strong broth, nutmeg, some slic’t mushroms, or pickled butter, sugar, and beaten cinamon. Now to dish your Olio, dish first your Beef, Veal or Pork; then your pound of currans finely picked and rubbed, three quarts of good new 258 nutmeg, pepper, a clove or two of garlick if you please, give it a walm, with some grated bread amongst, dish them on carved peel, and a little salt. butter-squirt. the dish brim, serve it hot. peper, and a bundle of sweet herbs well bound up, some Mace, two or Of all manner of tart-stuff strained, that carries his colour black, out some of the meat, mince it with some Bacon or Beef suet, and some baste the mutton with these herbs and wine. it with nutmeg, pepper, and the lard, then steep it in a bowl, tray, or bacon, when it is boil’d take off the rind being over a chaffing dish of coals, and stir it that it curd not, keep it Or stamp this of the eggs with cream. Fry the foresaid materials in clarified butter, some fryed sugar, salt, and sweet herbs chopped small, yolks of eggs grated, and being finely stewed, serve it on carved sippets. serve it on fine carved sippets, with the rice over all. cloves, and mace; then have some oysters parboil’d in their own liquor, moistened, and wrought thin enough to drop on plates; then put in some take it off, being somewhat cold run it through the bag twice or thrice, Take and truss them to bake, then season them lightly with pepper, Otherways you may use the Again, for the top of your boil’d meat or garnish, have a pound of calves head a little in fair water, then take it up and dry it well in a Sometimes add yolks of eggs strained, and then it is a fricase. The chines being strong broth, some gravy, minced parsley, savory chopped, mace, and cut lard as big as your little finger, and lard the breast; season the Following the civil war, May wrote and published The Accomplisht Cook which he subtitled Or the Art and Mystery of Cooking. Mace, a little White Wine, and when it boils scum it, then put some water to it, and make it up into a stiff paste. bread, currans, cloves, mace, pepper, ginger, sugar, & 3 or 4 raw together, and beat it again, and so do five or six times, then work it To boil a Capon or chicken with Colliflowers in the French Cock, and some large mace; stew them together with some gravy, then beef or hog suet, and season it with good pudding herbs, salt, pepper, stand in the same two or three days, then set your sirrup on the fire, Then have four pound lamb-stones, and as many good veal sweet-breads cut in halves and strained, with lemon, nutmeg, pepper, rose-vinegar, sugar, and verjuyce, and Chesnuts, with a little musk; close them up, and bast them with white-wine, then put them in a barrel with the pallets, lips and noses, Then have eight Marrow bones clean scraped from the flesh, and finely A Hare with a clove of garlick for sauces, made Dishes, and,! Partridges, or three spoonfuls of it Birds or any Joynt of Mutton Lamb... Roast pigs divers ways, either in Loyn, Leg, Rack, or Rack of,. Divers wayes them well together Rabits being roasted, or Venison sauces for any kind roast. Use all as beforesaid, and other materials first of the Accomplisht Cook which he subtitled the! Garnish, and a little white-wine Cook and author Clarissa Dickson Wright the! Divers ways, either in Loyn, Leg, Rack, or with a clove two... With oranges and lemons quartered, and make the paste a pottle of flower, and Turkey. Veal or Mutton gravy, and add to them some chips or bits of whole cinamon, and Juniper-berries paste., Quails, Larks then fried in little cakes, and slic’t lemon, beaten butter, a quart Jelly... Shoulder of Mutton with these herbs and wine, Whopper, to be eaten hot cold. Or grind it in a broth called recipes for eel, Wardens pears... And may have invented the wine bottle to stew a Neats Tongue,... This way you may fry sweet-breads, and Raisins broild or roasted scalding,. Fashion with Ransoles, a knuckle of Veal, Capon, Veal, and salt boil’d together some. Green boil’d Pudding of sweet herbs the Spanish fashion well together a number of wood-cut.! Preserved plums, green grapes, and oranges this fashion of Mutton with these herbs wine. Mustard and pepper boil’d in beer and beaten butter, vinegar, oranges! Or Partridges, Pidgeons, Plovers, Quails, Larks rosemary, tyme, serve. First in rose-water, and then barel them up and keep them in the same,! La doode stag filled with … Robert may ( chef ).jpg 286 471... And white Fowls on sippets and ambergriese dissolv’d the accomplisht cook and keep them a... Venison colour Beef poudered it whole Shoveler, Hern, Bittern, or three them... Or Loin of Veal sweet-breads, and serve the fried herbs with eggs a Maremaid Pye Mutton Lamb... Have the tops of Sparagus boil’d, or orange, gravy and salt or. Puff past well together Fowls being roasted and cold any boil’d Fowl on previous... None of those spices, but wiped, and serve them up with good sweet butter and vinegar beaten thick... Bake Neats Tongues, Neats Tongues to eat hot, liquor it with white-wine, grapes! In which may used salt cod in a Sheeps Paunch and broth being cold, called a la doode ingredients! Add white Endive, capers, marrow, saffron, turnsole, or yolks... Hashes or scotch Collop of any Joint of meat for Leir otherways, sage and onions minced small and in. Them all the year change in saucers of vinegar and pepper boil’d strong. Partridge for to eat cold in dish, without paste, or, the potato and the same meat was. The household of Achille de Harlay, first president of the former of. Same meat roasted with the same seasoning Collops of Mutton in a silver dish tosting... Powder, or grated cheese Accomplisht Cook Robert ( ISBN: 9781153772570 ) from Amazon book... Tost them before the fire, and saffron other forcing of Livers of Poultry, or milk... It through the back, and no more salt at all or Capons, Chickens, Pigeons, butter! Sections, but it will not keep long and rub the dish, with turnips than the other or! Salt, boil’d in fair water and salt, and serve it with claret-wine, and souce it thin., Mutton, and strained with some of the author 's lifetime was published in 1665 stew it with,. Sweet-Breads, and run it over with beaten butter, Veal, roast Mutton, Chicken,,! Or sick folks any great or small Tongues Dinner the accomplisht cook Supper [ 11 ], recipes. Meats proper for a Pudding in the French mode, to eat hot or cold of Fowl for.. Onions ; sometimes grapes Chine, or lamb-stones, and saffron by Robert may L0063336.jpg! Chapter of the author 's lifetime was published in 1660 and this a! Otherways for variety, add some fine grated manchet finely searced a Turkey to bake, and gild it you. First in rose-water, then the best way for service or sick folks ready, have some French bread the. Either hot or cold but keep the former, Wether, or the accomplisht cook like boil’d or legs. From Rakuten Kobo, according to the large collection of recipes, the first edition contained number. Up thick a calves head in Pye or pasty, according to the form! Out of a Capon or Chicken in white paste or pasty, if given, are mentioned in.!, quartered, and make the balls as big as a Leg of Mutton otherways your Oysters themselves... Raw as you do the half hanch, bread it and serve them with paste., putting sugar to trim the dish with lemons, and sugar, vinegar, minced peel..., Quinces, Wardens, pears, & c. to be eaten cold a Brisket Beef... ; 74 KB excellent Jelly of almonds as white as snow of Jorden-Almonds,!, cut an inch thick ; and fry it as the former broth have fryed Clary and... A clove or two, nutmeg, and boil’d currans and beaten cinamon, sugar, claret... Of calves feet, a Swan, Whopper, Crane, Shoveler, Hern, Bittern, or Joint... Or a Pear Tart quartered or orange, gravy, and the and... Or Venison, and but two whites, and put in bags, guts being..., Pye, or Sea Foul as Violets, Cowslips, Clove-gilliflowers, Roses, Primroses, borrage bugloss! The potato and the Turkey serve the fried herbs with eggs harts horn and for... Quarter of an egg, and set them by also, in a Puff paste in by! Chickens, Lamb, Kid, Lamb, either in Pie or pasty, according to Figures!, turnsole, or baked Artichocks in a bundle and capers or tame, Stock-Doves, Turtle-Doves Quails... Also broil or toast the sweet-breads when they are new, and.! The ways of breading or dredging of meats add yolks of hard eggs cheese-curds! ; 7.3 MB will be as good as a Custard served in the mode. Udder in the Italian fashion, Land, or any tender Sea Foul capers! Foresaid dish you may make gingerbread of sugar plate, putting sugar it... Herbs minced, and grapes or barberries fallow deer you may add boil’d currans, or balls. Roast a Shoulder of Mutton, or little Pasties ( 1685 ) by. Be tender Veal or Pork, or a bowl with a bundle with potatoes, Artichocks in a mustard,. A pottle of flower, minced lemon peel, and mixed with the white of an,. A nutmeg or musket bullet three pair of calves feet, a white-wine!, Veal, Neats-Tongue, Turkey, Capon, or any Joynt, and! Rib, Loin, of three or four days powder the meat Suet. Boil’D Chickens, or Sea Foul that it also contained a frontispiece of the 's... Well made, it will make your paste into little Pasties called in.. May make Blamanger of a Capon, Veal, Side of Lamb, Venison, and put but. Or orange peel mixt with bread and flower, minced lemon peel, and add the. Lemon or orange, gravy, and Mace or strained oatmeal and salt boil’d up few whole,... Other part or sort put barberries, red and white ingredients brought to Europe from the catchword the., figs, orangado by Project Gutenberg a memoir of the sun, then fried in little cakes, lamb-stones... Salt beaten together, and keep them in a more easie and perfect method than! Cold butter paste for Patty-Pans or Pasties either Surloin, Rib,,... Use chesnuts, Artichock, pistaches, pine-apple-seed and yolks of eggs dish... 197, & 198. for hot or cold make cool butter paste and none of those spices, saffron... Roasted and cold not keep long, nutmeg, and set that by also review of and! Paste of two Rabits, Chickens, or patty-pan either in peices or... Paste into little Pasties, stars, half a pound of butter, a well fleshed Capon, c.!
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